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**some evening and weekend appointments available
New Service-- 
Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) remote delivery

SSP is a non-invasive vagal nerve stimulator designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity. 

"Why can't I just get over it? Why does this still get under my skin? I hate feeling shaky. I know I'm an adult but when I argue with my parents I just want to go hide again."

Sometimes no matter how much we want to let go of or not think

about something it just comes up over and over again. 

Memories, whether a seemingly neverending sequence or snippets of a sound or feeling, can end up stuck and intrude on your present over and over again. When a memory is not fully processed and remains stuck it can be remarkably difficult to dislodge. A great metaphor is a clogged drain catching more and more hair as times goes on.


Lingering effects of traumatic stress can take many forms, some very disruptive and obvious, and some much more stealthy but no less troubling.   

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective treatment intervention for traumatic stress. 

If the past is intruding on your present and interfering with your life, it doesn't have to stay that way. 

Let the past stay where it belongs.

About Lantern Counseling

In 2023, after 18 years working in a variety of treatment settings, I opened my own practice to focus on trauma and EMDR. I'm committed to supporting you in building the life you want, free of interference from old wounds. HIPAA compliant telehealth tools make it easy to access EMDR and other psychotherapy interventions no matter what part of Alaska you live in.  

I named my practice after a symbol of insight. Lanterns have been a visual representation of wisdom, hope, and truth across centuries and cultures. 

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telehealth psychotherapy

Due to it's size and many remote communities, Alaska is not new to telehealth. There are a variety of tools available providing HIPAA secure video and BLS options for EMDR.

A RANGE OF EMDR Interventions

EMDR standard protocol

Early EMDR interventions

DeTUR and Urge to Avoid protocols

IFS informed EMDR


I’m an EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant-in-Training through EMDRIA. Contact me if you're interested in consultation.



RAINN sexual assault hotline graphic
Veteran's Crisis Line graphic
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If you need to talk to someone right now, please reach out to these or other resources, stay safe and be kind to yourself. 

Tues 11-5
Wed 1-8
Thurs 1-8
Fri 2-6
Sat 10-1

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Insurances Accepted:
Aetna (in-network)
Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield (in-network)

I am a tricare certified mental health counselor but unable to bill tricare at this time; Recredentialing with tricare is in progress. 


I am unable to bill Medicaid or Medicare.

Superbills provided upon request.

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